Flyer design for a Children's Charity

Flyer design for a children's charity, Childline Andalucia

Childline Andalucia is a charity and helpline for expat children and teenagers living in southern Spain.

This double-sided A5-sized flyer was produced as a supplement to the charity's main launch campaign poster and as a statement of obectives from the founder to the reader. With a design that is eye-catching and instantly recognisable, over 3000 copies were distributed and made available in bars, clubs, shops and public spaces across southern Spain, with a digital copy widely shared on social media.

Poster design

This A1 and A3 sized poster was produced for the charity's launch campaign. Designed to be instantly recognisable and eye-catching, over 500 copies were distributed in shop windows, bars, clubs, and paid advertisement locations.

Poster design for a children's charity

Roller banner design

An 800mm x 2000mm roller banner incoporating the charity's distinctive branding for use at fundraisers, events, and in the entrance to the head office.

Roller banner design for a children's charity

  • Original design
  • Printed on glossed card
  • CMYK colours
  • All graphics scalable vectors